Basketball Program


At the Eddie Betts Foundation, we are dedicated to addressing the underrepresentation of Aboriginal kids in the junior basketball circuit. We recognise that children from community or remote locations often miss out on opportunities to showcase their skills against peers at their level.

Through our basketball academy, we have discovered that many Aboriginal kids possess an innate and natural talent for basketball. Coming from a background that emphasises teamwork, they adapt quickly to the competitive play.

Our basketball program provides a platform for our foundation kids to challenge themselves against highly skilled players from all over Australia and even internationally. It grants them the invaluable experience of participating in high-stakes tournaments.

During their visit to Melbourne, our kids not only engage in intense basketball matches but also get to enjoy other enriching activities. They attend football games, visit the zoo, and explore the vibrant surroundings of Melbourne.

Remarkably, our Eddie Betts Foundation basketball teams have emerged victorious in their respective divisions on every occasion. This remarkable achievement fills our kids with a profound sense of accomplishment, leaving them with unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.